Hatha does not really make sense as a good Sanskrit word. Some say Hatha means (insert Hatha in English word box and press Enter) force, violence or obstinacy.

Hatha has instructions backwards by emphasizing forceful stretching exercises.

The emphasis must be sitting in the Vajra position (legs crossed) and when one become uncomfortable one use stretching exercises.

Using force is a delicate balance as one can harm ones knees if one sits too long without moving the knees.

Milirepa sat so long on rock that he develope scare tissue and used this as a key instruction to Gampopa. Story of Milirepa give accounts of Milirepa giving instruction on stretching exercises to overcome obstacles.

The Sanskrit syllable tha means auspicious prayer and the capital Sanskrit Ha means you are already attained and can perceive the future in a beneficial way. To then say Hatha Yoga is redundant and meaningless combination of words.

Without a really good teachers a Hatha Yoga practitioner would end up becoming violent with the misuse of force..



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