The Precious Human Life


Human Life is precious as humans have the opportunity to make choices that will cause people to suffer or reach the freedom from suffering trough enlightenment.

The great benefit is that humans can chose the leisure activity to medietate to reach enlightenment. It is almost impossible to get paid for the leisure of meditate but one may obtain expense money but one must live in very sparse circumstances or people will feel that one is on vacation.

One can teach but if one distorts the Dharma than being paid to teach these distortions take one in the opposite direction of enlightenment. Few realize the discomfort of meditating in the vajra position until one can stretch and adjust ones body to sit comfortably in the vajra position.

One must develop the spiritual power to maintain this meditative leisure. The supreme leisure is upon reaching enlightenment, one has the leisure to teach the Dharma benefitting all beings by sitting in the full lotus dynamic mandala of all the enlightened.

Animals cannot do these activities. It may be possible for an animal to reach enlightenment by the blessing of a truly great meditator. Human should not count on such a blessing as one can easily slip in to a wrong pride that one is truly blessed.

In war torn area or poverty stricken countries it is difficult to find this leisure. Various occupations can take one away from this leisure but one should not judge spiritual people who meditate but remain engaged in society.




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