Meditation Prayer Yoga

Meditation is complex and in many ways defines the difference between the major Religions, for better and for worse. Meditation should lead to prayer and then Yoga. Faith is something that gets you started as you perceive a very strong reason for these action and then faith become accomplishment when you actualize the objectives.

Christian prayer is very good and interesting in getting groups to calm their minds in Church service.

A calm mind is very important in mediation, prayer or yoga and Mahamudra. Aim for as least a hour a day of meditation. A cash register is not a good analogy for prayer.

Meditation is defined in the three stages of growth for oneself, for others and with urgency.

People always want to shortcut these stages but no matter how good you are one must go through these stages.

In Buddhism these stages are called Hinayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana or Mantrayana.

Yana means a spiritual path with spiritual friends. Sometimes friends "carry" or "lift" you up giving rise to some using vehicle as a translation for Yana but this can be too cumbersome as people are generally recognized as having a body, speech and mind. Many prefer the term Vajrayana as the terms appears to be more powerful but Mantrayana is better for the emphasis on short, concise and well thought through prayer. As Mantras are actively read backwards and forward, the meaning increases with your abilities.

A hundred syllable prayer is long in Mantrayana. The defining environment leading to the Mantra can be also considered prayer if it is short, concise and well thought through.

Prayer, Meditation and Yoga go hand in hand. There are two kind of Yoga where one remains as still as possible and speech (spoken an unspoken) moves and the other is where the body moves and speech remains minimal. Really good Yoga is where the first is mostly practiced and the second is used only to enhance the first kind as stretching helps the bodies ability to sit and meditate.

Posture is very important to keep the body relaxed with excellent circulation. This happens when all the muscles are stretched but relaxed. The best posture for this is the Vajra Yoga position.

Perfection is where the mind is free from error where the movement of the body is only too benefit all beings and all speech is Mantra.

Song and dance is sometimes useful.


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