Skandha means heaps or aggregates. The question is, what are these five aggregates? Some say they are form, sensations, perceptions, formations and consciousness to explain a being's mental and physical existence but this explanation only causes confusion as consciousness is the mental existence and the rest are body, speech and consciousness.

The five Skandhas are seeing, hearing,smelling, taste, and touch and consciousness is what is aware of these five senses. Purifying the five senses goes a long way in purifying consciousness through mediation of calming the mind. With an endless chain of thoughts based upon erroneous conciseness one will never find true peace and enlightenment. With purified senses form and formations of dualistic phenomena become clear.

Learn how to mediate by calming the mind from a teachers that has purified five senses and consciousness who has appropriate activities of body, speech and mind and can clearly train you in these activities. Mantras take a long time to clearly understand. The right teacher will soon have a good and profound effect on the clarity of your five senses consciousness and how you act.



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