The Necessity of Spiritual Teachers


Just as one must not cling to the dogma of one spiritual path or practice, one must find many Spiritual Teachers on earth and coincidentally in Heaven.

Most spiritual people belong to a religion. One must develop the wisdom and skilful mens to determine the spiritual people from the political and business people. This is one of the essential and difficult practices of spirituality as there are many very devious people in all groups.

One must develop the skill to grow spiritually in all environments. Spiritual Teachers help you grow so that you innately know your spiritual growth. One must practice the generosity of helping the Spiritual Teachers organizations while discerning that the activities of the group match the written Dharma teachings. Persevere until you perceive most of the world as being crazy

Note: This is not used as a medical term but in the sense that people will do things that will ultimately harm themselves such as retaliating out of anger when you believe someone has slighted you.




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