Vajra Yoga

Conscious of our senses we should know who and where we are, absolutely and relatively but we are on a rotating planet moving around a sun in a galaxy moving through a very large universe on a planet with billions of people and many other species.

Yoga is mainly tools to find who and where we are. The syllable Yo is becoming skillful in using these tools to attain to answers. The syllable ga is stating that the place to find these answers is within our body, speech and mind. Teachers are important but a truly attained teacher that one meets in one’s youth can take over 30 years to completely understand.

The syllable Va is being on both side of up and down and jra is future certain that one will attain to this.

Chakra are important and roughly translated as a wheel that is part of a vehicle but what vehicle do we focus on in all this movement in the universe of many people? The answers is communications, we “move” the chakras to communicate, hopefully with greater precision as we age.

The essence of what we communicate is love as in the one true God is Love but in this universe of suffering we must understand Loving Compassion to end suffering and accomplish Love both for ourselves and others.

The first step is to bring our body, speech and mind to rest, stopping the vast flow of conscious and unconscious thoughts that flow through our body, speech and mind for how we use our bodies and speech causes thoughts in our mind that move our bodies and speech in an endless knot.

The best Yoga is the body speech mind posture of the Vajra position. This posture when perfected allows out muscles, veins and arteries to be fully stretched but totally relaxed. For some reasons, it is hard to get the medical community to recognize that this posture is very good for blood circulation and very good blood circulation is very good for our health.

The benefits of the Vajra posture is that one does not have to move one’s body to remain healthy. The half Vajra and relaxed Vajra are very good when one needs to work to maintain the necessities of life such as food and lodging.

Great Yogis in history maintain the Vajra position for as long as possible during days that expanded too many months and even many years. My own research finds that the times varies for individuals to meet commitments to DhaRma and KaRma is the results of our efforts on our paths.

The results of Vajra Yoga is to become a co-instrument of the flow of True Love.

Movement stretching exercises are used to sit better as a Vajra in the eight petal Lotus Mandala of Mahasattvas. see



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